The freshest meat products, best smiles and the best customer service is readily available from your very own Mossman Meat House
Why our locals and visitors choose us!

Our local community and all discerning travellers have enjoyed our Tableland’s sourced beef and pork ensuring the absolute freshness. Our Victorian Lamb along with our Lilydale Free Range chickens are herded in every Monday - How fresh is that?

Value adding to the quality, all our sausages are gluten free and made locally using our lamb, pork, chicken and beef on a daily basis, guaranteeing freshness.

Nothing can be finer than our sumptuous corned beef, made can taste its freshness. Serving our community fully we have just started our own smokehouse doing our own bacon hams and smallgoods - All done in house for that good old-fashioned flavour that taste like real bacon.

From our convenient off Highway location (25 meters East at the rail crossing on the North side) we have catered to all our customers with quality and expert service at an affordable local price.

If you’re a café, restaurant, medical centre, or you look after the elderly we have a wholesale division, and yes, we do deliver to the entire Mossman regions and to Port Douglas daily.

We fully understand that our Cape York friends deserve the freshest meat products as well. Take advantage of our weekly supply and delivery service, which available every Friday and goes to Cooktown via Lakeland, the Lions Den and into Wujal Wujal. This extraordinary service is fully utilised and fully appreciated by all commercial and residential customers in those communities.


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Phone us: 0476 504 436
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3 Junction Road Mossman (25 meters East of main road rail crossing North of town)


Travelling to Cape York?
As a traveller to the North, why should you miss out! Stock up and enjoy your trip in style.

When travelling on this great adventure you can also enjoy the best. In your Caravan or in your camping esky we can package your fresh meat and meat product requirements. We can supply them as frozen or we can cryovac these meat packs to ensure that not only will you experience this amazing location you will also eat well.

At Mossman Meat House we pride ourselves on customer service and a good quality range of products. If you can’t see it we will get it or make it for you!

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